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BC Coastal Grilling
Parksville, BC

B.C. Coastal is a wood manufacturing company specializing in the production of sustainable “Value-added” Western Red Cedar (Thuja Plicata) cooking products. Operations are based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia located within the Coastal Forest Region, the primary source of Western Red Cedar tree species in the world.

The Company is owned and managed by the Livelton-Moore family whose three generations of forest industry involvement and understanding ensures a stable wood supply and quality end product.

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Our Products

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every plank we create. We meticulously source the finest Western Red Cedar and devote our craftsmanship to yield products that meet superior standards. Each of our premium cooking planks is sanded and chamfered to perfection, exuding an elegant appearance that is as easy to handle as it is on the eyes.

Dedicated to Delivering the Best

Our products have a smooth finish on both sides, eliminating any rough patches, as we strive to deliver only the best. This attention to detail allows you to confidently showcase your culinary skills using our superior wood grilling products.

Experience the Best

We take pride in what we do and appreciate your trust in us. Thank you for choosing BC Coastal Grilling Planks, your partner in elevating your grilling experience with high-quality Western Red Cedar products.